If I Were A Kid Yet


Yes , I want to stay in her bosom all day long and delightfully enjoy the world’s most nutritious drink-Mother’s breast milk.

Yes , I want to wiggle around and twirl and swirl to see the world upside down.

Yes , I want to taste the slimy phlegm that’s sliding into my mouth by chance to have my face squeezed like a lemon.

Yes , I want to curl myself to sleep on her squatting cozy lap that puts my pattering hands and legs to rest and my eyes to deep sleep.

Yes , I want to sob for being egregious ; I want to scream my larynx out to grab mamma’s attention.

Yes , I want to cry because my barbie has lost her pair of shoes and I’m not worried about me losing one.

Yes , I want to create all dramas just to hear her narrate that story whence moon said , he would come to me to show his glorious face if I were a good girl to put myself to sleep early. And I slept beside the window , beneath the sky without realizing his dimensions.

Yes , I want to sleep till my cones wish to get back to their work.

And yes , I always want to be that stubborn little kid that never listens to anyone and just be herself.


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