She started writing in her diary,
‘It was 2 am already but I wished, you stayed with me for some more time sitting on the terrace, munching on your favorite cheese balls. I wanted to speak, speak all night about how I fell for you, how I saw my entire world in your clear chocolate brown eyes, how your words rang through my ears the entire night that kept me wide awake. I was being an insomniac. Sleep had made a plot to enter at the day break and paved a way for him to barge straight away into my dreams.
Next morning, I woke up to an unbelievable surprise!
Oh my goodness. He stood right in front of me with the mug, that I’d gifted him, when he’d topped in our state in class tenth. I was so happy to see that. He hadn’t lost it yet. I expected that mug to be filled with some coffee or tea, but no! When I peeped into it, rubbing my eyes off, I saw an envelop, which was nicely wrapped, and decorated with my favorite colored-glue. He wished me “good morning” with a bit of unusual anxiety in his smile, today. I was eagerly waiting to tell him about my dream, and how happy I was to see him as soon as I opened my eyes, but there were lots of doubts clustered within his abruptly blinking eye lashes, craving an answer. I observed him thoroughly. His hands were shivering, he couldn’t look into my eyes while speaking.
I questioned him straight “what’s that you want to tell me?”
He just asked me to open that envelop and read out the letter aloud, and I did.
The letter read “This is the 121st letter I’m writing to you, and this’s the only one that’s been successful in reaching your hands. Every time I completed my letter, I used to make up my mind to give it you, but my inner voice interrupted with a series of doubts – what if she din’t feel the same for me, what if she stopped speaking to me, what if I lost her even as my best friend, and that’s when those letters stayed folded in between the last page and binding cover of my diary. But, today, the flower wants to bloom and give itself to the swarming bee. I want to look after you like a baby, I want to press my hands against yours and walk amidst woods in the freezing nights, I want to caress you like your mother, I want to protect you in my arms like your father, I want to make you smile like your brother, and I badly want to love you endlessly till my last breath. I’ve so much to say, but if I continue, this doesn’t become a letter, but will be a booklet instead. So let me conclude with these eight words – I LOVE YOU. WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

That letter was a reflection of my feelings that I always failed expressing.
I couldn’t ask for more. tears rolled down my cheeks. He stood with his eyes closed till I completed reading. I couldn’t utter a word. I just jumped high to hug him tight and said “You spoke my heart out, you solved my puzzle, that i try to figure out every possible night.”
He hugged me tighter. I’d never seen him so happy.
He made my day all over. The best ever day in my life!’


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