It’s Her Day


Nineteen years back then, this angel gave an entry to this beautiful world to make it seem cute as well. She was literally a soft ball when she was a baby and now, a beautiful, cute, pretty lady already. Time passes by like a super car, doesn’t it?

She is a blooming jasmine in the desert that reverberates everyone with her hypnotizing aroma.
She is a distant star that twinkles amidst the dark sky.
She is an orchid in the snow land; she’s not the snow but an iceberg.
She is a deer in the world of demons.
She is a book with a million chapters, yet to be unveiled.
She is a password protected Wi-Fi that only connects to those with accessibility.
She is the cold ice-cream; She is the hot chips altogether.
She believes in make-over when the world is relied upon make-up.
She is a cup of freshly brewed frothy coffee in the world of cool drinks.
Well, if I continue, it goes on and on because she herself is a metaphor!

It’s hardly been a year knowing of her, but I surely can tell, she’s the one that matches my frequency. It took me no time to gel with her. (But she’d had a bad meet with me before, where she asked me for an eraser and my gestures said no itseems, but awfully I don’t remember. Sorry for that!)

Our thoughts are totally alike (great minds think alike you see :P) and it’s unlike the others. We’re unique. To be precise, we’re peculiar, but the only difference is that, she’s a coconut tree and I’m a palm tree. But that doesn’t matter, in fact it’s helpful because neither of us will be able to find a guy for ourselves, so partner found! Me, the wife and her, the husband (we can’t have kids though :P) So fix our marriage date soon, hon.
We’ve had an awesome start together and I just hope this friendship will forever long. We’re just done with one year of engineering and we already have an ocean of memories to dive in and swim throughout our lives . We still have three to go and I’m sure of making a million memories more. Can’t wait for it!

So, I wish you a very happy birthday. May you reach high on life and may you get all that you wish for. I hope you get the best of all on Earth. You’ve been the pebble I found amongst a thousand stones. I’m so glad to have met you. All I want, is your happiness and to see that beautiful smile of yours with those pinkie pink cheeks. That smile is heavenly, immortal. Keep it the intact, love. You’re for cuteness and cuteness is for you, and line toh lagnewali hai! (but I’m the one for you and no one else. I’m a bit too possessive, you see 😛 )
Anyway, just, just stay happy and that is all I pray for.

Happiest birthday to you all again.
Stay simple; stay elegant.


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