Everything Seemed Nothing Until He walked In!

he left

She met him at the age of seven while playing hide and seek, in a park in front of her home when he asked her, if he could join them to which she agreed happily, saying “But you’ll be the one to seek for the hiders” and he said okay.
They became good buddies over time but also, they were little monster fighters at times, when they found each other hiding behind the same secret bush.

Time flew like a super car and they grew up together being best of the best friends ever. The world envied their rock hard bond, but nothing could change their trust for each other. Their mutual friends made plans to bring in misunderstandings between them. They made plots to fizzle out their wonderful friendship but nothing worked out, and their connectivity remained intact and strong as usual.
Earlier, they were waiting for a chance to fight against each other and now they always see to it that they don’t leave each other’s stand because now they’ve found someone to fight for.

Years rolled down and now, she had a traumatic life to face with. All that she was left with, were just a devoured dream and a deserted life, but the only constant factor that she discerned throughout her journey was him. Everything seemed nothing until he walked in. He was the only reason for her smile. He was the source of her happiness. She wanted to spend her entire life with him. She knowingly or unknowingly sutured her future with him. She convinced herself in getting a positive reciprocation from him for her proposal, she dreamed of her marriage. She’d already made a list of places for their honeymoon. She dived into her imaginary world with an ocean of memories webbed. Now each time he hugged her, she found heaven to hide. Every time he consoled, she found a true soul, every time she stared into his eyes, she found an everlasting sparkle that gleamed like a star, yards away. Every time he smiled, she couldn’t resist herself from expressing her special feelings for him, but yet she would cover it all up in a fist sized automatically pumping machine, the heart.
But one day she finally decided to propose to him and went dressed up in his favorite green color saree, and he was amazed to see her look so beautiful.
“oh my god. You look so pretty ” he exclaimed.
She said ‘Thank you’ through her decent smile, and when she was about to speak out, he interrupted saying , “I’ve a question to ask, it’ll leave you surprised ”
“I’ve to tell you something as well, but well, let you be the first one, go ahead” she said, expecting him to say the same thing, that she wanted to.
After a moment, she could see herself collapse within, when he questioned,
“will your friend Mary accept me?”


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